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Lodestar Systems leverages the accumulated IT expertise to assist clients achieve technological objectives and realize investment ambitions. Our philosophy is to make available to clients, need-based, cost conscious, timely and competent manpower solutions. Our team of dedicated technology specialists who strictly adhere to the corporate philosophy is gradually expanding to fuel growth, manage costs and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, mixed with experience, perception, and intuition-based knowledge helps to make strategic decisions at the right time.

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ERP Solutions

ERP applications view each business transaction as part of an inter-linked process that makes up the entire business of an enterprise.

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Client Server

The client and server can be interchanged.The dividing line between the client and server can be anywhere along a broad continuum.

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nListers is a customizable, comprehensive, and all-in-one solution designed to meet the needs of real estate buyers.

nListers includes a secure and easy one step subscription process to have buyers and sellers up and running in matter of hours. In addition to sellers of real estate, investors, lenders, contractors, retail companies, providers of cleaning services, and attorneys can leveragenListersfor customer lead generation. nListers will enable the customers to get the best service at the lowest price at their table without any struggle.

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Industries we serve

Public Sector

Public Sector Information Systems constantly collect, catalog and utilize data collected from the millions of people that live within their jurisdiction.

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Insurance & Finance

In Finance & Insurance we have two complementary industries that encompass every single comercial & non-commercial undertaking that...

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In this age of technological revolution there is proliferation of hi-tech gadgets like computers, laptops, PDAs, and cellular phones.

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Paul Ryans
Senior VP, Bank of America

An unexpected need arose where we needed to complete some application development in a very short time frame. Lodestar Systems provided very competent resources on short notice. These resources did an excellent job of integrating themselves in our project and help us achieve our targets. Their resources are extremely professional and always available to our staff. We will definitely work with Lodestar Systems in the future.

Our Clients