Business Intelligence

In a decentralized organization with distributed decision making, people at different levels of an organization are responsible for making decisions that collectively impact overall business success.

Using modern methodologies, gigabytes of unruly information gathered by the organization in its lifetime can be transformed into meaningful data. Business Intelligence (BI) helps organizations to gain business advantage from such data.

Business Intelligence, mixed with experience, perception, and intuition-based knowledge helps to make strategic decisions at the right time. Transforming disparate information into business intelligence requires specialized tools that analyze, drill down or mine data to help users make informed decisions and ensure an organization is more efficient and more competitive.

How BI works?

  • Data: Centralize data from multiple sources into a data warehouse.
  • Insight: BI tools analyze the data to help better understand the business.
  • Action: Act on the insight provided by BI tools by reallocating resources.

Business Intelligence provides business roadmaps to deliver solutions for business analysis. By having these roadmaps, we deliver superior business value through improved return on investment, time value by enabling fast solution delivery, and technical value through open database enablement.

BI technology has evolved from these ever-increasing user demands to support five distinct application patterns or styles. These are:

  • Enterprise Reporting.
  • Cube Analysis.
  • Ad Hoc Query and Analysis.
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining.
  • Alerting and Report Delivery.

Lodestar Systems has an excellent track record in helping public bodies at different levels in better utilization of existing technologies and in optimum implementation of new technologies. We have expertise and experience in working with a host of technologies spanning legacy, client/server and ERP systems.

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